Welcome to My Shack in the Woods.

This is my personal website where I write small blogs, put pictures I take, and just spend a little messing around in HTML code. I am not particularly good at HTML or web design in general but you have to start somewhere I suppose. Due to this site still being in it's infancy, alot of it is still under construction, so please forgive if some pages look like they where designed by a toddler with fetal alcohol syndrome.

My Skills

I am mostly self taught in my computer skills, only taking one computer science course ever, which unfortunately means I'm not that good at anything but I know enough to get by and I know enough to look smarter than the average tard. I also sit in coffee shops for extended periods of time drinking cups of coffee and tapping away on a laptop that is older than the Apollo guidance computer. Smart fridges scare me and I unplug Alexas when I enter a room.

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