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Here's where I talk about my autistic interest of watching cartoons made in a foreign country about fictional women

In Hindsight, I am quite lazy

I am quite lazy, and I do not like having to retain information when I'm watching a show, usually if Im watching a show or something I'm doing something else in addition to the show, so I enjoy dubs and sometimes rather stupid shows that have no real content or point, so slice of life and the sort. An exception to this rule is in the term of Yuru Camp, which is a anime that I quite enjoy, despite it not having a dub (atleast to my knowledge) because I sat down and watched it and I quite enjoyed it. It also threw me into a deep deep spiral of me going outside and going hiking more and due to where I live, I get to go to some pretty neat places, I will soon be posting pictures of my travels and some neat stuff I see on my walks and hikes