Welcome to the Music Section!

TL:DR, I am a old man with my music taste because the only remotely good radio station I can recieve where I live is a oldies channel.

I really like Cassettes

I've got a healthy collection of them and I usually play them on a old WM-2065 that I got for free in a thrift store's "Free, for parts" bin. There was nothing wrong with it really, it just had a bit of deteriorated duct tape on the back of it, which was nothing a little love couldn't fix. It works well, it's got a tab for the different tape types and it doesn't chew through batteries that quickly. The only real complaint I have is that the belt clip was missing when I got it so I have to keep it in a jacket pocket, hoodie pocket or something if I want to take it anywhere. I usually leave the house with one or two tapes and It'll usually last me until the end of the day when I get back to my house. I know tapes aren't really the optimal peak of audio quality but I like them because handling digital files can sometimes lead to me having too much variety to choose from and I'll spend too much time looking for the right song or album to listen to while I work or do anything.

CMUS, My Second Best Buddy

When I'm not using cassettes to listen to music, I like to use the terminal to use cmus to listen to music, I prefer FLAC files but mp3s are fine. I really don't like spotify, it just looks a little stupid, some of the features seem a little odd, and they spend alot of time to go out of their way to bother you for money. To start, I think that the UI just seems a little stupid, when I had spotify, which was not for long, I had troubles finding podcasts because the search bar at the top leads you to just music and not podcasts or returns limited returns for podcasts. Following that, I don't understand why they cannot make the ability to make playlist covers a mobile feature, maybe it's a plot to get you to install their spyware or something, and if you aren't paying money, they will only let you skip six times an hour, which is annoying. I do applaud them for their excellent music recommendation program, but I condemn them for spying on user's listening habits. I do actually really enjoy cmus though and I implore anyone to atleast check it out, it requires a bit of learning to understanding the keys that are required to operate it but it is a really nice enviroment.