I thought this page would be a wonderful place for me to list my preferences for software I use, why I use it, and other misc tech stuff

Web Browser!

The basis of using computers for the average individual is the Internet, and as such I like to keep it simple using Firefox as my web browser. Although, I often found myself doubting this decision and considering switching to other clients. I'm really comfy right now with it though, I have all the things I really need and I don't quite mind it.

Photo Editor!

I use gimp for everything, partially because it's free and partially because I am not particularly good at photo editing and usually just end up copy and pasting PNGs from the internet and configuring them and scaling them to my liking. I also used it to make alot of the material on this website, which isn't really a brag.

PDF Viewer

I like to use Zathura as my PDF viewer, simply because I am an autistic twat and I learn everything from internet strangers and I've been told that it is a good, snappy and minimal install for what shouldnt be a complicated task, Opening a PDF. I mean I never really realized how much garbage is put into what should be really simple. You don't need all this garbage to just read a PDF. I like to read E-Books about stuff alot so this is a really nice thing to have on hand, although I do not like how there is even an issue with this, it shouldn't be that difficult to perform such a simple task without a bloated program.

Video Player

I, like many people, enjoy watching films quite alot and I often find myself walking around with a USB full of movies to watch while doing my work and for this I like to use MPV, because internet strangers told me it was good, which I do not disagree with it. It is actually quite a good program, and it looks quite sleek adn clean for being a program that I didn't even know existed previous to learning about computers and the associating topics.


I liek to use VS Code because that's what we used in that single computer science course I took in my free time, it was pretty nice but I since have started using VIM and the VIM extension for VS Code because keyboard efficency is cool and being able to flex that I know VIM keys on the internet is cool. I have very limited coding abilities but I haven't had any issues with either program (besides VS Code being a pretty hefty program)

Cloud Storage

The cloud is a fucking massive advertising joke that doesn't exist, it literally is just soem garbage a bunch of good for nothing corporate big wigs came up with in a office to market their stupid ponzi scheme to control the internet. Having a single point of failure and being under the thumb of some cigar smoking fat cat is the stupidest shit I have ever heard and I will not stand for it. I just carry around a USB if I wanna always have my files and keep backups at my house and on my laptop. I eventually wanna move this website to a home server but I gotta get a server setup out of an old AMD Sempron machien I found at the ewaste container at the dump.


I use Linux Mint on my home rig, a decision that is probably critized by many people on the internet but in my defense, it was the distro that got me into tech, I had just figured out what was wrong with a old Hewlett Packard Compaq system I had found sitting out on the curb with a "FREE, BROKEN" sign on it (The RAM was dead, I got a new stick from online) and a install of Windows vista popped up, it was completely unusable, there was so much garbage running in the background you wouldve thought you where watching a bloody slideshow. So I turned it off and got to work looking online for information, I had previously heard about Linux from a youtube video that had told me it could run on anything, so I looked up "Linux for old computers" and distro watched popped up, I looked at the top 100 and saw Linux Mint with it's friendly green glow, and ever since then I just kept coming back to it. I had switched to bare Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and some other Distros but for some odd reason that stupid green glow kept pulling me back in. Of course I run other stuff on my other computers, I run Linux Lite on one of my laptops and on the other, I currently have nothing on it but the plan is to install FreeBSD. I would keep them all the same for stupidity's sake but I like to keep a variety just for educational purposes. Looking at Linux like a learning experience everytime I use it helps alot when figuring things out.